Róisín McVeigh


If the Shoe Fits

From the moment we are born, the question is “blue or pink?” Depending on our gender, it is decided whether we will wear trousers or a skirt as a uniform on our...

Save The Night

“Any gaffs going?” is a refrain often echoed around the streets of Dublin’s city centre at four a.m on any given Saturday. The clubs, pubs and bars have dischar...

Where Peace is But a Dream

Shona Murray and Dearbhla Glynn are many things: They are war correspondents, they are women, they are storytellers and they are realists. Yet, despite the hard...
Laura Moloney

Mapping Dublin

Laura Moloney Home is where the… “structure serving as a dwelling for one or more persons, especially for a family” is. Neil Gibson Home is where th...


Sandra Bernhardt Free at Last // It’s 2 o’clock on a Saturday afternoon and you’re queer. Post brunch, you are shown some Bernhardt cabaret stand-up - “hey man...
Róisín McVeigh

Róisín McVeigh


I'm a "fingers in all the pies" sort of girl. I can't bake though, so that's an issue.