Jack Gibson


The Fledglings’ Faux Pas

A strange thing happens to young Irish people in the run up to their Junior Certificate. They sit tethered to desks in homogenised spaces daily, and are asked t...

Safe Spaces for Addiction

After giving a speech at the London School of Economics in November last year, Minister of State with responsibility for New Communities, Culture and Equality, ...


Sandra Bernhardt Free at Last // It’s 2 o’clock on a Saturday afternoon and you’re queer. Post brunch, you are shown some Bernhardt cabaret stand-up - “hey man...

Fixated Gaze

Countless hours of the studio-produced gay porn which goes out to millions of laptops and devices around the world follow a scant few familiar narrative arcs. T...
Jack Gibson

Jack Gibson


I used to have things to say about being a queer, leftie law student who aspired to be equal parts Mary Robinson and Ira Glass. Now, much like Whitney Houston once said" I have nothing. Nothing. NOTHING."