Founders Letter: The Dodgy Pilot

Hello, and welcome to Cheap Trick.

We are Jack, Roisin and Sarah, and together we have set up this little oasis on the internet to call our own: a monthly(ish) themed zine edited by Jack and Roisin and illustrated by Sarah.

Somewhat realising  Jack’s deep desire to emulate his hero Ira Glass, we too pick a theme for each issue and bring you all different kinds of stories on that theme. In it you will find stuff we like, exploratory bits, think pieces and short stories, poetry and whatever else takes our fancy, as told by us and some of our favourite writers and mates. To set us apart, we are centring each issue around a well-worn cliché, with the hope of quarrying out some perspectives or interpretations that may have been missed.

While we have no connection to Illinois rockers Cheap Trick, we did kind of steal their name. So, as a final homage (read: artistic lip service) we have based our inaugural theme on their classic hit “I Want You To Want Me”. Yes, issue #1 is all about Unrequited Love. ‘Tis an age-old chestnut: Patti Smith loved a 19th century french poet, Snape’s patronus was a doe and Rhett Butler didn’t give a damn. If you’re hoping for a heartbreak anecdote however, look elsewhere. We have stuck to the theme, although in no obvious sense. Jack unearths the truths behind unreciprocated love in the case of gay men and their straight male idealisation, while Roisin investigates the women who hate feminism. Our kind-of-a-big-deal, award winning writer pals Julia and Brendan will make you feel all of the feelings with their respective personal essay and short story about loving someone whose capacity to respond leaves you uncertain and being rejected by the country you call home. Sarah, our arbiter in all things aesthetic is responsible for the visual astoundry, from the logo and design to each definitive illustration.

As you scroll through our early words we’d ask you to remember this: Tina Belcher of the fine establishment Bob’s Burgers was once upon a pilot known as Daniel, and while NBC loved the first rendition of 30 Rock, they did us a solid by making room for the gift that is Jenna Maroney. Admittedly, this may be the dodgy pilot episode, so go easy on us. Hang tight and we’ll see where this goes.

Honestly, we want you to want us.